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Our mission statement reflects the business demand for decentralized energy production. The energy is generated, in an economically and ecologically sensible way, where it is needed. We help our customers to shorten this valuable path in the future. We support his ideas in planning, financing, building, and finally operating power generation facilities.  Decentralized energy generation speaks for better energy efficiency and, secondly, the long-term security of supply at predictable costs for decentralized power generation. Our distributed generation projects are ideal for partnership models. Our customers will decide whether and in what form

they want to be involved.


The long term goal for us is caused by the information technology networks, which allows us to combine a variety of cogeneration plants as a "virtual power plant".


The savings thus achieved and CO2 reduction can be credited to a building in a balance sheet approach. In addition the increased use of a co-generation in all service areas is an essential element for increasing energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.